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SKY PARKUR prepares the high safety and quality rope courses as unique and modern designs that will ensure maximum efficiency with minimum operational load in line with the customer demands and physical facilities. SKY PARKUR derives this solution and operational efficiency focused approach for its customers from its ability to build rope courses on wooden-metal poles or on trees.  In this regard, rope courses can be projected and applied indoor and outdoor areas without height limit and safety concerns. Safety in the ropecourses is the primary concern of our brand. Our brand combines technical calculations on project phase with the standardized products and presents a product compatible with the worldwide applicable standards.

RopeCourses which is one of the most important sports and entertainment-oriented products of SKY PARKUR has very positive contributions on the physical, intellectual and personal development of its users. Visitors who use their rope coursewill recognize the improvement of the feelings such as achievement, confronting the challenges, confidence and stability and on the other side they will learn to overcome the negative feelings such as lack of attention and acrophobia. Rope course is a unique activity that can be enjoyed individually, with a family or group. There are three different applications of rope courses that can be on wooden,metal poles and trees.


SKY PARKUR can produce rope courseson woodenor metal poles in accordance with the demands of its customers. One of the two types of production may be preferred considering the dimensionsof the area to set up the rope course, geographical conditions, operating efficiency, visual quality. Operational costs will significantly drop down as the rope course is on specific area between the poles and due to the application of security pass system. A rope course possible to be projected on the poles can be applied as to be used as mobile or fixed. Mobile installation of rope course constitutes an important work model as the product can be mantled and dismantled and carried everywhere quickly and easily. Mobile rope courses to be mantled on wooden or metal poles can be offered for the use of organizations and institutions for a certain period with leasing model to be applied for short term organizations, festivals, and special occasions in different times. 


The first application area of rope courses is forestlands with dense and plenty of trees.  Trees of various sizes and distances in forests provide an opportunity for the application of the ropes courses. Rope course games are played between the trees and there is a platform on each tree. In total; two types of systems, as transitive and intransitive, in terms of safety may be preferred according to the operational status

Sky Parkut was founded in 2015 in Turkey in order to achıeve sales and short & long-term leasing of the new generation..


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